Turning Cold Leads into Hot Prospects:
The Power of Professional Cold Calling

SDR as a Service

Looking to skyrocket your B2B sales? Our team of professionally trained sales representatives is here to make it happen.
We offer a suite of B2B calling services designed to achieve your sales goals – including lead generation, appointment setting, and more.

Lead research
Email Outreach
Appointment Scheduling

How appointment setting works

We’ve got you covered on each step of the process to bring you ready-to-buy leads.

Proven Strategy

Don't believe the people who say B2B cold calling is a relic of the past.

Our team of cold calling SDRs make upwards of 1000 calls per week, and we consistently book thousands of meetings each month for our clients - from cold calls alone. Our top reps are even booking over 10 meetings per week for their clients.

Dedicated Service

Unlike other call centers, we are dedicated to your account, which allows us to get more in tune with your market. Plus, our B2B call services provide verified direct phone numbers to ensure maximum connectivity.

Our outsourced SDRs can even handle inbound requests and book meetings in real-time – talk about efficiency!

Quality Assurance

To ensure maximum success, we have sales managers and quality assurance specialists that provide daily feedback and weekly coaching to all of our reps.

We even have our top reps, or as we call them "Jedis," act as "floaters" to cover unexpected absences and provide additional support to struggling clients.

Pitch with Ease

Choose our team of sales representatives to generate more qualified sales meetings and achieve your sales goals. We've got you covered!

Cold calling outsourcing might feel a bit risky, but our friendly and professional sales team is making calls every day to start as many conversations as possible. They're experts in making sales calls to businesses and know just what to say to get to the decision-makers.

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Validated Data

Not only do we validate all of our lists, but we also confirm the direct dials of your target prospects with our software. Plus, we ensure that they aren't registered on the national Do Not Contact registry.

AI Intelligence & Human Training

Our callers undergo client-specific training. This helps them gain the expertise they need to become sales development experts.

Performance Analysis & Continuous Improvement

To ensure that we're providing the best possible service, our Quality Assurance team constantly evaluates the call recordings. Feedback from these evaluations goes directly to the SDR Manager for ongoing coaching and performance improvement benchmarks.

And just in case you want to listen in, all of our calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes. It's just one way we optimize your campaign to ensure success!

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